A National Strategy to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. E. Disseminate Information on Innovative and Effective Practices


Sharing information about promising and successful approaches is critical to the replication and expansion of teen pregnancy prevention efforts across the country. Policy makers, program administrators, tax payers, media producers, community leaders, parents, and adolescents all need to know about the approaches most likely to be successful in preventing teen pregnancy.

HHS will continue to work with its partners to highlight innovative practices at the federal, state, and local levels and to disseminate new research and evaluation findings. For example, at a White House press conference in June, HHS released "Preventing Teen Pregnancy: Promoting Promising Strategies: A Guide for Communities" highlighting five teen pregnancy programs that evaluation shows to be promising. (See Examples of Promising Program Strategies). Ongoing efforts include outreach to 105 Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities to encourage and help them to include teenage pregnancy prevention in their community development strategies. The Department will also disseminate new information on the developmental needs of youth and on the use of broad-based activities to help teenagers avoid risky behaviors leading to teen pregnancy. In addition, HHS currently supports a variety of resource centers, clearinghouses, and toll-free hotlines at both the state and national level that provide information and technical assistance to state and community-based health, social service, and youth-serving agencies. (See Program Contacts and Other Resources.