A National Strategy to Prevent Teen Pregnancy: Annual Report 1998-99. The Five Principles


  1. Parents and other adult mentors must play key roles in encouraging young adults to avoid early pregnancy and to stay in school.
  2. Abstinence and personal responsibility must be the primary messages of prevention programs.
  3. Young people must be given clear connections and pathways to college or jobs that give them hope and a reason to stay in school and avoid pregnancy.
  4. Public and private-sector partners throughout communities — including parents, schools, business, media, health and human service providers, and religious organizations — must work together to develop comprehensive strategies.
  5. Real success requires a sustained commitment to the young person over a long period of time.

Reporting Our Progress. We hope that this annual report will provide useful information on the efforts of the Department of Health and Human Services. We also hope to complement the efforts of others, such as those of the non-profit National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, individual states and communities, foundations, other non-governmental entities, parents, youth, and other caring adults.