NRPM: Standard Health Care Provider Identifier. A. The National Provider System


We would implement the NPI through a central electronic enumerating system, the national provider system (NPS). This system would be a comprehensive, uniform system for identifying and uniquely enumerating health care providers at the national level, not unlike the process now used to issue social security numbers. HCFA would exercise overall responsibility for oversight and management of the system. Health care providers would not interact directly with the NPS.

The process of identifying and uniquely enumerating health care providers is separate from the process health plans follow in enrolling health care providers in their health programs. Even with the advent of assignment of NPIs by the NPS, health plans would still have to follow their own procedures for receiving and verifying information from health care providers that apply to them for enrollment in their health programs. Unique enumeration is less expensive than plan enrollment because it does not require as much information to be collected, edited, and verified. We welcome comments on the cost of provider enrollment in a health plan.

NPIs would be issued by one or more organizations to which we refer in this preamble as “enumerators.” The functions we foresee being carried out by enumerators are presented in section B. Enumerators in this preamble. The NPS would edit the data, checking for consistency, formatting addresses, and validating the social security number. It would then search the database to determine whether the health care provider already has an NPI. If so, that NPI would be displayed. If not, an NPI would be assigned. If the health care provider is similar (but not identical) to an already-enumerated health care provider, the information would be passed back to the enumerator for further analysis. Enumerators would also communicate NPIs back to the health care providers and maintain the NPS database. The number of enumerators would be limited in the interest of data quality and consistency.

Because the Medicare program maintains files on more health care providers than any other health care program in the country, we envision using data from those files to initially populate the NPF that is being built by the NPS and would be accessed by the enumerator(s). The data we are considering for inclusion in this file are described in section IV. Data in this preamble.