NRPM: Standard Health Care Provider Identifier. C. Effective Dates - General


In general, any given standard would be effective 24 months after the effective date (36 months for small health plans) of the final rule for that standard. Because there are other standards to be established than those in this proposed rule, we specify the date for a given standard under the subpart for that standard.

If HHS adopts a modification to an implementation specification or a standard, the implementation date of the modification would be no earlier than the 180th day following the adoption of the modification. HHS would determine the actual date, taking into account the time needed to comply due to the nature and extent of the modification. HHS would be able to extend the time for compliance for small health plans. This provision would be at § 142.106.

The law does not address scheduling of implementation of the standards; it gives only a date by which all concerned must comply. As a result, any of the health plans, health care clearinghouses, and health care providers may implement a given standard earlier than the date specified in the subpart created for that standard. We realize that this may create some problems temporarily, as early implementers would have to be able to continue using old standards until the new ones must, by law, be in place.

At the WEDI Healthcare Leadership Summit held on August 15, 1997, it was recommended that health care providers not be required to use any of the the standards during the first year after the adoption of the standard. However, willing trading partners could implement any or all of the standards by mutual agreement at any time during the 2-year implementation phase (3- year implementation phase for small health plans). In addition, it was recommended that a health plan give its health care providers at least 6 months notice before requiring them to use a given standard.

We welcome comments specifically on early implementation as to the extent to which it would cause problems and how any problems might be alleviated.