NRPM: Standard Health Care Provider Identifier. B. Enumerators


The enumerator(s) would carry out the following functions: assist health care providers and answer questions; accept the application for an NPI; validate as many of the data elements as possible at the point of application to assure the submitted data are accurate and the application is authentic; enter the data into the NPS to obtain an NPI for the health care provider; research cases where there is a possible match to a health care provider already enumerated; notify the health care provider of the assigned NPI; and enter updated data into the NPS when notified by the health care provider. Some of these functions would not be necessary if the enumerator(s) is an entity that enrolls health care providers in its own health plan and would be enumerating health care providers at the time they are enrolling in the entity’s health plan. For example, if a Federal health plan is an enumerator, some of the functions listed above would not have to be performed separately from what the health plan would do in its regular business.

The major issue related to the operation of this process is determining who the enumerator(s) will be.