NRPM: Standard Health Care Provider Identifier. 3. Consultations.


In the development of the NPI, we consulted with many organizations, including those that the legislation requires (section 1172(c)(3)(B) of the Act). Subsequently, the NPI has been endorsed by several government and private organizations:

a. The NCVHS endorsed the NPI in a Federal Register notice on July 24, 1997 (62 FR 39844).

b. The NUBC endorsed the NPI in August 1996.

c. The ADA indicated its support, in concept, of the development of a unique, singular, national provider identifier for all health care providers in December 1996.

d. The NUCC supported the establishment of the NPI in January 1997, subject to the following issues being fully addressed:

  • The business needs and rationale for each identifier be clearly established for health care, in both the private and government sectors, as part of the identifier definition process.
  • The scope and nature of, and the rationale for, the entities subject to enumeration be clearly defined.
  • All issues arising out of the health care industry’s review of the proposed identifier, including any ambiguities in the law or proposed rule, be acknowledged and addressed.
  • Distribution of identifier products/maintenance to health care providers, payers and employers be low cost and efficient. There should be no cost to have a number assigned to an individual health care provider or business.

e. WEDI indicated support for “the general concept of the NPI as satisfying the national provider identifier requirement of HIPAA” in a May 1997 letter to the Secretary. WEDI further stated that the NPI is equal to or better than alternative identifiers, but noted that it cannot provide an unqualified opinion until operational and technical details are disclosed in this regulation.

f. The State of Minnesota endorsed the NPI in Minnesota Statutes Section 62J.54, dated February 1996.

g. The Massachusetts Health Data Consortium’s Affiliated Health Information Networks of New England endorsed the NPI as the standard provider locator for electronic data interchange in March 1996.

h. The USA Registration Committee approved the NPI as an International Standards Organization card issuer identifier in August 1996, for use on magnetic cards.

i. The National Council for Prescription Drug Programs indicated support for the NPI effort in an October 1996 letter to the Secretary.