NATIONAL PLAN TO ADDRESS ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE: 2017 UPDATE. Strategy 5.B: Monitor Progress on the National Plan


Healthy People 2020. CDC, in collaboration with NIH and ACL, released the midcourse review data for the Healthy People 2020 topic areas, Dementias Including Alzheimer's Disease.

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Non-Federal Items in the 2017 National Plan. The 2017 Plan Update includes a number of activities by non-federal partners. These partners were invited to contribute to the Plan Update to show progress made outside the federal agencies involved in NAPA, and to expand the focus of the National Plan more broadly to national work. These items have been organized according to the goals and strategies of the Plan. Additionally, in an effort to clearly respond to the annual recommendations made by the non-federal members of the Advisory Council, the 2017 Plan Update includes an appendix (Appendix 2) in which relevant federal agencies have directly responded to the recommendations made by the public Advisory Council members. Fulfilling the recommendations is contingent on limitations on legislative authority, resources, and data among the federal agencies and the Federal Government, and this appendix makes clear which recommendations have been addressed and which would require congressional authority or additional resources.