National Plan to Address Alzheimer's Disease: 2016 Update. Goal 4: Enhance Public Awareness and Engagement


Most of the public is aware of AD/ADRD; more than 85 percent of people surveyed can identify the disease and its symptoms. AD/ADRD is also one of the most feared health conditions. Yet there are widespread and significant public misperceptions about diagnosis and clinical management. These issues can lead to delayed diagnosis, and to people with the disease and their caregivers feeling isolated and stigmatized. Enhancing public awareness and engagement is an essential goal because it forms the basis for advancing the subsequent goals of the National Plan. A better understanding of AD/ADRD will help engage stakeholders who can help address the challenges faced by people with the disease and their families. These stakeholders include a range of groups such as health care providers who care for people with AD/ADRD and their caregivers, employers whose employees request flexibility to care for a loved one with the disease, groups whose members are caregivers, and broader aging organizations. The strategies and actions under this goal are designed to educate these and other groups about the disease.