National Invitational Conference on Long-Term Care Data Bases: Conference Proceedings. IX. Summary/Conclusion


William Scanlon, Ph.D., Georgetown University
Mary Harahan, Department of Health and Human Services

WILLIAM SCANLON: I am going to turn the podium back over to Mary Harahan, but before I do that I want to thank the panel for dealing so effectively with those questions as well as for their roles in producing these data sets we are all going to be using for many years to come.

MARY HARAHAN: I have been asked to make a few announcements. One is to repeat that we will be distributing the proceedings of the Conference and we will be mailing it out to everyone who has attended here. It will also be available upon request if you write us or other people write us.

An evaluation form will be sent to you also. It is not part of any of the reams of material that you have and hopefully that will give us some guidance about next steps, should there be next steps.

Finally, there will be a grants announcement that my office will be publishing in the Federal Register. It will focus on utilizing some, all, or even data bases that we have not talked about, with respect to long term care policies issues that we have identified. I hope you look for it.

I would again like to thank the speakers who have participated with us. I think they have been excellent. I think the Conference has done everything we could have ever wanted it to do.

Again, I am extremely grateful to the staff in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) who have worked very hard to organize the logistics of this Conference. I thank the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH) and I thank all of you for coming.

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