National Evaluation of the Responsible Fatherhood, Marriage, and Family Strengthening Grants for Incarcerated and Re-Entering Fathers and their Partners: Program Overview and Evaluation Summary. Implications


Information from the MFS-IP evaluation will assist federal, state, and community policy makers and funding agencies in identifying effective approaches for the provision of support to families affected by incarceration. Lessons from the implementation study will provide guidance to other organizations interested in delivering marriage and family strengthening services to individuals involved in the criminal justice system. Findings from the impact evaluation will inform decisions about particular approaches to marriage and family strengthening services empirically demonstrated to be most effective with correctional populations and their partners and families.

The next brief will be on the program models of the MFS-IP project grants. Additional briefs, topical reports, and other products will be generated from the MFS-IP evaluation on a periodic basis throughout the contract period.

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