National Evaluation of the Responsible Fatherhood, Marriage, and Family Strengthening Grants for Incarcerated and Re-Entering Fathers and Their Partners: Program Models of MFS-IP Grantees. Model 2: Curriculum-Based Programs with Some Case Management or Family Counseling


Each of the four programs characterized under this model provides a healthy relationship and/or parenting curriculum, along with a moderate degree of individualized services including case management or family counseling. "Moderate" means either that case management or family counseling is available as needed (or to a subset of participants) or that a small number of case management or family counseling sessions are provided to all program participants as part of the program. In this categorization, case management and family counseling were conceptualized in a very inclusive fashion (e.g., family counseling may include "coaching," mediated visitation, and so forth in addition to formal marriage or relationship counseling). When factoring in the scope of services delivered  specifically, whether they focus on relationship/parenting services or on a broader set of support services  some of the Model 2 programs focus primarily on relationships and parenting (with all of the services delivered through MFS-IP funding, including case management or family counseling services, generally focused on relationship strengthening). Others focus on more general service needs such as assistance with reentry into the community.

Model 2:
Curriculum-Based Programs with Some Case Management or Family Counseling:
Centerforce delivers the in-house relationship and parenting curriculum Back to the Family (BTF) separately to men and their partners and provides family reunification case management to couples who have completed the BTF courses. The case management is broad based and focuses on general reentry needs; it begins 3 months prior to release and extends to 6 months after release.

NH CFS delivers PREP to couples (and fathers without partners), a parenting curriculum to men, and up to ten sessions of family reentry counseling as needed to participants who are within 6 months of release.

Osborne Association provides a parenting course for incarcerated fathers, a healthy relationships course for incarcerated fathers who are in committed relationships, and a PREP course for couples. The program also facilitates father-child skills-building activities at Children's Centers in the prisons and offers couples counseling to participating men and their partners.

RIDGE includes several relationship and parenting curricula (including Couple Communication and Keeping FAITH) available to both members of the couple, support groups, and the services of a life coach who assists with visitation and other relationship activities. Support services are also available to participants.

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