National Evaluation of the Responsible Fatherhood, Marriage, and Family Strengthening Grants for Incarcerated and Re-Entering Fathers and Their Partners: Program Models of MFS-IP Grantees. Model 1: Curriculum-Based Programs Focused on Family Strengthening


Three programs are curriculum based, delivering strong curricula that focus on healthy relationships and/or parenting. These programs tend to have large enrollment targets (particularly the TX POP and IN DOC sites) and plan to deliver services in multiple correctional institutions. None of them have a post-release component planned, and the primary way in which partners will be involved is through the couples' healthy relationship course. The programs are focusing their grant resources on relationship and parenting services as a complement to the existing services available to the target population.

Model 1:
Curriculum-Based Programs Focused on Family Strengthening
IN DOC delivers PREP to men residing in PLUS housing units and a PREP couples retreat to the subset of PLUS residents who are in committed relationships. The program also includes a parenting class as part of its MFS-IP programming.

MD DHR delivers the Exploring Healthy Relationships and Marriage with Fragile Families curriculum and a parenting course to incarcerated or formerly incarcerated fathers. Men receive the healthy relationships course jointly with their partners or spouses.

TX POP provides a couples retreat to incarcerated fathers and their partners recruited from prisons, probation and parole offices, and community groups. The curriculum, delivered either inside the correctional facilities or in community meeting spaces, combines PREP with supplemental modules developed in house by TX POP.

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