Multivariate Analysis of Patterns of Informal and Formal Caregiving among Privately Insured and Non-Privately Insured Disabled Elders Living in the Community. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS


This research could not have been completed without the assistance and guidance of many individuals both inside and outside of the long-term care insurance industry.  We would like to gratefully acknowledge the assistance provided by Robert Glowacki, Carolyn Eickenberg, and Sharon O'Dell from Aegon, Roy Christianson and David Rogers from American Travellers, Ray Nelson and Leslie Peters from Bankers Life and Casualty, Carol McBrayer, Melissa Stinson, Steve French and Richard Garner from CNA Insurance, Dan Nitz from Fortis Long-Term Care, Roger Desjardins, Mary Katz and Armando Leiva from G.E. Capital Assurance, Linda Berg-Maney and Peter Bokjov from John Hancock, and Bonnie Davis and Jim DuEst from UnumProvident. All of these individuals devoted a significant amount of time to assure that the sample of home care claimants was representative, that data from administrative systems was uniform and accurate, and that the fieldwork could be completed successfully. We are grateful for their patience and good cheer during the entire research process.

The project's technical advisory group included Susan Morisato, FSA, Bankers Life and Casualty, Bob Yee, FSA, of G.E. Capital Assurance, Christopher Murtaugh, Ph.D., Center for Home Care Policy and Research, Vicki Freeman, Ph.D., Rand Corporation, Randy Brown, Ph.D., Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., Brenda Spillman, Ph.D., Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, Nancy Miller, Ph.D., Health Care Financing Administration. Along with Dr. Laurence Branch of Duke University, the committee provided critical input into the initial design of the project and its sampling strategy.

A number of key individuals helped in the interpretation of these study findings, provided important input into this final report, and assisted in refining the analyses contained herein. We would like to thank Grant Ritter, Ph.D., Brandeis University; Christine Bishop, Ph.D., Brandeis University; and William Crowne, Ph.D. of the Medstat Group. Their input and guidance was invaluable. We would also like to acknowledge the assistance of Beth Jackson, Ph.D., and Laurie Meneades of the Medstat Group in preparation of the 1994 National Long-Term Care Survey Dataset.

Finally, we greatly appreciate the patience, guidance, and advice of our two project officers and financial sponsors:  Pam Doty, Ph.D., at the Office of Disability, Aging and Long-Term Care Policy of the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation and Penny Feldman, Ph.D., of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Home Care Research Initiative. Their unwavering support and encouragement enabled us to overcome many of the hurdles presented by a study of this magnitude.

Of course the contents of this report are the sole responsibility of its authors. Any errors are the authors alone.

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