Moving Teenage Parents into Self-Sufficiency: Lessons From Recent Demonstrations. Highlights of the Research


  1. Mandatory participation requirements and needed support services can be implemented successfully for teenage parents on a large scale at a reasonable cost.
  2. Establishing clear expectations for participation in education or employment-related activities and financial consequences for not meeting them can promote teenage parents' participation when backed up by case management and support services.
  3. Offering expanded educational opportunities may be necessary, because the opportunities currently available to teenage parents often fail to address their educational needs.
  4. More clinical and sustained family planning services may be necessary to encourage and enable teenage mothers to delay having another child.
  5. Children of teenage mothers have not been harmed when their mothers have been required to participate in out-of-home activities (and provided needed child care assistance).

This summary presents the main findings from the three evaluations and discusses lessons that may be useful for the designers of future state and local programs.