Moving Teenage Parents into Self-Sufficiency: Lessons From Recent Demonstrations. Child Care


Child care needs increase and preferences for types of care arrangements change as participation rates in education and employment-related activities rise.  The mix of child care services used tends to vary based on the availability of different types of care.

  • TPD increased both the percentage of mothers who used child care and the amount of care they used.  Although the use of all types of care increased, the use of child care centers increased proportionately more.  Still, many of the teenage parents who engaged in out-of-home activities chose to rely on free relative care.  TPD also increased the average number of months and hours per week that mothers used child care.(11)
  • New Chance lowered the age of entry into child care and increased the use of child care centers (9 of the 16 programs offered regular, on-site center-based care).  It also increased the number of different child care arrangements children experienced.