Moving into Adulthood: Were the Impacts of Mandatory Programs for Welfare-Dependent Teenaged Parents Sustained After the Programs Ended? . Acknowledgments


Many people contributed in significant ways to the second phase of the evaluation and preparation of this report. Much of the information on the demonstration programs that is summarized in this report was provided by Melba McCarty, Yvonne Johnson, and Frank Ambrose, who oversaw the demonstration programs -- Project Advance in Chicago, Teen Progress in Newark, and Teen Progress in Camden, respectively. Bonnie Mecanko and David Heinz of the New Jersey Department of Human Services, John Bock of the New Jersey Department of Labor, and Denise Simon, David Gruenenfelder, and Susan Fitzpatrick of the Illinois Department of Public Aid were very helpful during the data collection process.

Reuben Snipper, Project Officer for the evaluation, and Nancye Campbell, Project Officer for the demonstration programs, provided helpful guidance throughout the design and implementation of the evaluation. Rebecca Maynard, Project Director and co-investigator for the first phase of the evaluation, provided critical guidance as we designed the second phase of the evaluation, and she offered valuable insights as we prepared this report.

Many other staff members at Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., contributed to the project and the development of this report. John Love and Christine Ross designed the child assessment instruments and provided valuable guidance to us in analyzing the data and preparing the report. Todd Ensor directed the second follow-up survey data collection, with important help from Susan Sprachman, Barbara Rogers, Jim Cashion, Cindy Steenstra, Janet Buffer, and Wendy Offery. Mike Watts and Linda Bandeh did the programming for the computer-assisted telephone interviewing. Catherine Brown, Anne Bloomenthal, Lara Hulsey, and Tim Novak constructed the data files and prepared the tabulations and graphs for the report. Jennifer Baskwell, Cindy Castro, Jill Miller, and Marjorie Mitchell produced the report. Patricia Ciaccio and Roy Grisham edited the report.

Finally, the mothers in the sample and their children patiently answered our many questions.

We gratefully acknowledge these contributions and accept sole responsibility for any remaining errors or omissions in the report.