Monitoring Outcomes for Former Welfare Recipients: A Review of 11 Survey Instruments. Review of Survey Instruments


Whereas all fourteen grantees were included in the overview of research topics and Figures 1-9, a total of 11 instruments are included in the tables and analyses in the remainder of this paper.  There are only 11 instruments in this review because two grantees — Cuyahoga County and Los Angeles County — are sharing the same survey instrument,(8) and two grantees — Massachusetts and New York — were still in the process of drafting instruments as of July 1999.  Of the eleven instruments, six are clearly written as Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) and the other five do not appear to be so, at least not from the versions shared with the author.  An average interview length is provided for half the surveys; these averages range from 15 minutes (South Carolina) to 45 minutes (Missouri), with others at 20-30 minutes, 35-40 minutes, and 40 minutes.  An annotated list of the eleven survey instruments is provided in Appendix I.

Most of the 11 survey instruments have 6 to 12 sections, spanning the breadth of topics discussed above.  For this analysis, I identified all questions which address the following outcomes:  food stamp receipt; health insurance (including Medicaid receipt); food insecurity; access to health care and health status; and knowledge of transitional benefits.  Each of these five outcomes is discussed in turn below, with Tables II – VI providing summary information about each outcome, and Appendices II – VI providing actual wording of survey items for these five areas.