Minimizing Disclosure Risk in HHS Open Data Initiatives. C. HHS Dissemination Activity


HHS is actively engaged in disseminating information relating to the privacy, confidentiality, and protection of health data through conferences and workshops covering the topics of legal issues, restricted data and restricted access procedures, disclosure risk analysis, and statistical disclosure limitation methods and techniques. For example, HHS staff were instructors in the workshop Privacy, Confidentiality, and the Protection of Health Data—A Statistical Perspective during the 1999 Joint Statistical Meetings in Baltimore, Maryland. There have been several workshops with topics in health care privacy, confidentiality, and data security, as well as statistical disclosure avoidance techniques, at which HHS staff presented. In 2004, the Confidentiality and Data Access Committee and the Washington Statistical Society organized the workshop Privacy, Confidentiality, and the Protection of Health Data: A Statistical Perspective on the HIPAA Privacy Rule. The Workshop on the HIPAA Privacy Rule’s De-Identification Standard sponsored by the Office for Civil Rights was held in 2010 and featured speakers on five different panels, including statistical disclosure control and HIPAA privacy rule protections. The panelists provided guidance regarding the statistical and/or scientific methods that can be used or applied in practice to protect health data in accordance with the Privacy Rule. The slides from this panel can be accessed at

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