Methodological Issues in the Evaluation of the National Long Term Care Demonstration. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS


Many people contributed indirectly to this report, despite the fact that mine is the only name listed on the title page. As is true for every report in the channeling evaluation, the most important contributions were made by Peter Kemper, my co-principal investigator. His comments on drafts of this report and on the work on which it is based were insightful and invaluable. Peter Mossel was my co-author on the analyses of attrition bias and baseline data comparability summarized herein. Jennifer Schore and Nancy Holden also contributed to the attrition analysis, and to the analysis of the effects of outliers on impact estimates. Margaret Harrigan helped write the report that assessed the equivalence of the treatment and control groups. Shari Dunstan did the programming for the analysis of pooling and cohort effects and helped write the long memorandum documenting the results of the latter. Robert Applebaum helped to interpret the results from the analysis of the effects of using proxy respondents at followup. In addition, a number of research assistants ably programmed the necessary computations and several secretaries patiently performed the necessary word processing. Helpful comments on methodological issues were provided at various stages during the evaluation by Mary Harrahan and Robert Clark of the Department of Health and Human Services and by the internal and external-review panels set up by the Department.

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