Medicare's Bending Cost Curve. July 28, 2014. Table A.2. Service Category Utilization Measures


Service Category Utilization Measure
Acute Inpatient Count of unique acute hospital admissions. Transfers are combined with the original admission and do not add to the count of admissions.
Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Count of ambulatory surgery center procedures.
Anesthesia Count of anesthesia services.
Dialysis Count of dialysis services.
Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Count of durable medical equipment.
Home Health Not included in the analysis.
Hospice Count of days in the hospice.
Hospital Outpatient Department (HOPD) Count of unique hospital outpatient department revenue center dates (as a proxy for visits).
Imaging Count of imaging services.
Part B Drugs Count of drug administrations.
Other Inpatient Count of unique admissions in long-term care hospitals, inpatient psychiatric facilities, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, and other types of specialty facilities such as children’s hospitals and cancer centers for inpatient services.
Other Professional Count of professional visits not included in one of the other carrier service categories (i.e., DME, Office-Based Drugs, Physician E&M, ASC, Anesthesia, Dialysis, Tests, Other Procedures, and Imaging).
Other Procedures Count of procedures other than anesthesia or dialysis provided in non-institutional settings, aside from ASCs.
Physician Evaluation and Management (E&M) Count of physician evaluation and management services.
Part D Not included in the analysis.
Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Count of days in the skilled nursing facility setting.
Testing Count of tests.


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