Medicare Post-Acute Care: Quality Measurement Final Report. APPENDIX K. Project Timeline

Date Item
June 1998 Selected eight post-acute care conditions for further study based on policy considerations.
July 1998 Narrowed the eight conditions down to four based on framework of clinical criteria.
November 1998 Generated comprehensive lists of quality indicators for each of the four selected conditions.
December 1998 Convened first national expert panel comprised of disease specialists and post-acute care providers to rate the importance of each quality indicator for inclusion in post-acute care quality assessment instruments for the four conditions.
July 1999 Translated highly rated quality indicators into quality measures (i.e., developed four instruments).
April 2000 Pilot test Phase 1.
May 2000 Convened panel of content experts, methodologists, providers, and Federal policy officials for instrument review.
June 2000 Pilot test Phase 2, with changes to instruments based on expert panel recommendations.
December 2000 Instrument finalization and manual development.
January 2001 -
June 2002
Large national study comparing quality in three settings.