Medicaid and Permanent Supportive Housing for Chronically Homeless Individuals: Emerging Practices From the Field. 1.4. The Rest of This Report


The remaining chapters of this report describe existing and emerging service patterns and partnerships involving Medicaid providers aimed at moving toward more comprehensive and integrated health, behavioral health, and housing supports for people who are currently chronically homeless and for those now living in PSH. Most of the examples come from our six case studies. Each chapter begins with a summary of "highlights," capturing the key points in the chapter. Chapter 2 describes Medicaid eligibility and enrollment practices, including already-implemented changes and changes to come. Chapter 3 describes approaches to expanding coverage under waivers.

Chapter 4 discusses emerging models of coordinated care in Health Centers (including Federally Qualified Health Centers [FQHCs]) in partnerships that include behavioral health and housing. Chapter 5 reviews strategies implemented through public and nonprofit mental health agencies and programs to serve people with serious mental illness. Mechanisms include specialized Medicaid rules, covered services, and carve-outs. Chapter 6 presents mechanisms being implemented by managed care organizations, and Chapter 7 reviews innovative approaches to accountable care and coordination. Chapter 8 discusses challenges and opportunities related to linking Medicaid to PSH tenants, briefly describing issues and opportunities related to Olmstead, pending waivers, Health Home developments, and other current matters at our six case study sites. Chapter 9 summarizes our findings and offers conclusions. Throughout, we focus on evolving patterns of interagency cooperation that are helping to apply available support for integration of health and behavioral health care and housing.


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