Mecklenburg County Linked Database. Appendix VII. TANF Recipients with Months against the Clock since August 1996


This report gives the number of active TANF recipients with months against the two-year time limit.  It indicates how many clients have only a few months before their time limits run out, and also the number of clients who have used all 24 months of the limit.

  • In Mecklenburg County, 3,768 TANF recipients show one or more months on the two-year time clock.
  • The most common number of months on the time clock is one month. Almost one fifth (18%) of TANF recipients with any time on the two-year clock have only one month.
  • About half (47%) of the people with time against the 24-month limit have only three months or less, and almost three-quarters (72%) have 6 months or less.
  • Only 13 people (0.3%) have used all 24 months of their allotted time on cash assistance. By the end of 1998, 56 additional people (1.6%) could potentially reach the two-year limit (See months 20-23 in Table 1).

Table 1: TANF Recipients with Months Against the Two-Year Limit. See text for explanation.