Maximizing the Value of Philanthropic Efforts through Planned Partnerships between the U.S. Government and Private Foundations. Increase Awareness of USG-Foundation Interactions


Disseminating information from this report or related sources to policymakers, planners, and administrators can enhance awareness of existing USG-foundation interactions and spur interest in potential partnerships. This could be done through issue briefs or by extracting components of the report for specialized audiences. For example, the executive summary could be provided to high-level policymakers, the primer on types of interactions (Chapter II) could be used as a followup for responsible stakeholders to frame specific domestic or international philanthropic efforts, while details about forming and sustaining partnerships could be provided to their staff members or administrators in the field.

Sharing the report with philanthropic decision makers outside of the federal government, such as foundation leaders or other philanthropic entities, may spur additional interest in the various possible intersections, interactions, and partnerships. Issue briefs could be circulated to foundations and their associations and affinity groups, or distributed at conferences.

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