Maternity Group Homes Classification and Literature Review. Classification of Maternity Group Homes


The discussion above has demonstrated that maternity group homes vary greatly across many different dimensions, each of which could be an element of a classification scheme, though many are closely related, and some characteristics are more central than others. We have selected a few areas in which some of the most critical of these characteristics can be collapsed to create a classification framework to organize our understanding of maternity group homes. The three elements we believe most essential to understanding the types of maternity group homes are:

  1. Population served,
  2. Degree of structure and supervision provided, and
  3. Level of support services offered.

Using some type of framework to classify these programs, which vary on numerous dimensions, can be helpful as we think about designing an evaluation of these programs. For instance, one might choose to be representative of the diversity of maternity group homes and deliberately select programs that vary across some elements of our classification system. Alternatively, one might choose to focus on programs that fall within a single model of particular interest within this typology.

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