Marriage Education, Financial Literacy, and Asset Development Roundtable Meeting Summary. Introduction and Background


On February 5, 2008, ASPE convened a diverse group of experts with research, policy, and practice experience in marriage education, financial literacy, and/or asset development. The purpose of this Roundtable was to provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge and explore collaboration across the fields. Participants were selected to represent all three fields (marriage education, financial literacy and education, and asset building), and to represent practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers.1 Bringing together representatives from each field was a key first step to introducing the fields to each other, gauging knowledge gaps, and developing ideas for working together.

This meeting summary documents the key points that arose during the Roundtable discussion about ways in which marriage education, financial education, and asset-building programs can better complement each other and strengthen the impact each has on family stability. Relevant information from follow-up calls RTI conducted with participants is also included.

In addition to the Roundtable, two briefs for practitioners have been developed by researchers from RTI International. Drafts of these briefs were given to participants prior to the Roundtable to provide them with basic information about the other fields, and to elicit their feedback on the applicability and relevance of the briefs.

1 Appendix A includes the roundtable agenda and Appendix B includes the full list of participants.

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