Marriage Education, Financial Literacy, and Asset Development Roundtable Meeting Summary. Foundations for Strong Families: Stable Relationships and Families 101


In the first brief in a series of two, the focus is on the building blocks or skills that are taught by both marriage and financial educators to help low-income families move toward stability. Opportunities are highlighted for beginning conversations between the marriage and family-strengthening initiatives and the financial literacy and asset-building initiatives. The brief begins by defining each set of programs, its objectives and main tools. Then, it discusses the common ground between the objectives and tools, ways that each community can offer additional tools to the other, and concludes with recommendations for helping to build the foundations of family and financial stability. Understanding the similarities, differences, and interdependencies between relationships with a partner or spouse and one’s finances may offer educators from those fields additional tools to improve stability of American families. The brief makes the case that some shared goals and different tools used by each field can enhance knowledge and further connect families to various community services, such as asset-building programs, that can help to build long-term financial stability.

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