Market Barriers to the Development of Pharmacotherapies for the Treatment of Cocaine Abuse and Addiction: Final Report. Purpose


The purpose of this project was to produce an analysis of the market barriers to the development of pharmacotherapies for substance abuse and addiction, and for cocaine abuse and addiction in particular. The analysis is intended to provide ASPE with information related to four areas:

  1. The characteristics of the market for substance abuse pharmacotherapies;
  2. Real and perceived market barriers;
  3. Case studies of pharmaceutical companies that have developed and marketed substance abuse pharmacotherapies (e.g., LAAM, naltrexone); and
  4. Industry's perception of the readiness of the science base.

This project emphasized the market for pharmacotherapies for cocaine abuse and addiction in order to focus the market analysis, interviews with industry representatives, and scenarios of new pharmacotherapy development subject to the resources available for the project. Nevertheless, the findings of these inquiries, along with the case studies, description of market barriers, and principal conclusions of this report, have direct relevance to markets for pharmacotherapies for substance abuse and addiction more broadly.