Market Barriers to the Development of Pharmacotherapies for the Treatment of Cocaine Abuse and Addiction: Final Report. Expansion and Enhancement of Substance Abuse Treatment System


Improving the substance abuse treatment system can address a critical barrier to market access. Greater funding of treatment centers could increase the number of patients treated. It could also increase available spending per patient, enabling greater market penetration and more substantial prices for effective drugs. Requiring all substance abuse block grant recipients to offer approved pharmacotherapies would increase the scope of the market, particularly to the extent that this could overcome bias against pharmacological treatment of substance abuse. Assuring coverage and sufficient levels of reimbursement for appropriate use of pharmacotherapies could increase market size and ensure sufficient prices. State-of-the-art clinical practice guidelines rendered by expert panels and sponsored by authoritative organizations could become the standard of care. Clinical and payment policies could change accordingly, expanding the market for designated treatments. Thus, expansion and enhancement of the treatment system could help lower all three critical barriers.