Market Barriers to the Development of Pharmacotherapies for the Treatment of Cocaine Abuse and Addiction: Final Report. Critical Barrier 1: Small and Uncertain Market for Cocaine Addiction and Abuse Pharmacotherapy


The small size and uncertainty of the market for cocaine pharmacotherapies constitutes a critical barrier to development of a cocaine abuse pharmacotherapy. Although all of the company executives interviewed for this study agreed that the total number of cocaine users is appreciable, they recognized that the feasible market for a cocaine abuse treatment is likely to be much smaller than the absolute number of people that use cocaine. Representatives of one pharmaceutical company use a conservative estimate of the number of heavy cocaine users that is about half of the level of 2 million cited in this report.

Uncertain market penetration was another reason for the skepticism in industry. Interviewees stressed that potential patient compliance problems and limited access to patients made them uncertain about the true market size for cocaine treatment. Representatives of two companies noted that most publicly-funded treatment centers are managed by non-physicians who tend to oppose the use of drugs to treat substance abuse, which such staff regard as a "behavioral" condition, thereby further restricting the potential sale of these drugs.