Making a Powerful Connection: the Health of the Public and the National Information Infrastructure. 7.0 How is Nii Technology Currently Being Applied to Population-based Public Health?


These futuristic scenarios, as well as current real-life applications, leave no doubt that the information needs of population-based public health are well matched with the capabilities of NII technology. Moreover, the federal NII and HPCC initiatives may provide the public health community with an opportunity to obtain funding for projects that apply NII technology to population health. While it is encouraging that a small number of public health applications have been funded through broad-based NII grant programs in the Department of Commerce (DOC) and the Department of Agriculture (USDA), public health participation in these and other broad-based NII and HPCC grant and contract programs has been modest at best. Thus far, the bulk of federal support for population-based health applications has come from PHS programs specifically targeted to the public health community.