Making a Powerful Connection: the Health of the Public and the National Information Infrastructure. 6.4 Scenario 4: In-Home Workstation Helps Family Take Preventive Action


A young working mother of two notices that the message light on her home video/data workstation is on. She calls up her messages and receives a reminder that her son is due for another immunization and can receive it the following Saturday morning at the managed care clinic. Through her workstation, she makes the appointment for Saturday. Another message announces that the county health information service (jointly sponsored by the public health department, the public library system, several managed-care plans, and a number of community groups) has been expanded to include new recipes in the low-fat, low-salt, and vegetarian diet sections. This message reminds her that she has been meaning to look up some information about childhood ear infections. She searches the database and identifies a 15-minute video produced by the American Academy of Family Physicians, which she lines up for viewing after dinner that evening. She then turns to a voluntary on-line survey that her family received several days ago from the state public health department. The purpose of the survey is to obtain information about her family's satisfaction with their current health care service and about their health-related behaviors. She queries other family members, completes the survey in about 10 minutes, sends it off by e-mail to the public health department, and logs off the workstation.