The Low-Wage Labor Market: Challenges and Opportunities for Economic Self-Sufficiency. Preface


This volume was prepared at the Urban Institute, a non-profit non-partisan research organization, for the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under Contract Number HHS-100-95-0021, Delivery Order 23. Individual experts were commissioned to write independent and objective papers. Opinions expressed are those of the separate authors and do not represent official policies of HHS, nor should they be attributed as positions of the Urban Institute, its trustees or other sponsors.

Many individuals at HHS and the Urban Institute in addition to the authors participated in this project, and a few deserve special acknowledgment for their important contributions. From HHS, Matt Lyon constructed the data appendix, bringing together a broad array of important labor market indicators. Kelleen Kaye, Susan Hauan, Reuben Snipper, and Matt Lyon provided guidance and oversight for the project. Reuben Snipper converted the reports to HTML for display on the Internet.

At the Urban Institute, Demetra Smith Nightingale directed the project; Mildred Woodhouse capably handled the numerous administrative details that are essential when so many authors are involved; and Scott Forrey of the Urban Institute Press coordinated the production of the manuscripts. Finally, Felicity Skidmore's excellent editing of various parts of the volume was critical to the final product and very much appreciated.