Low-Income and Low-Skilled Workers Involvement in Nonstandard Employment. What Is The Effect Of Temporary Help Work on At-Risk Workers: A Detailed Analysis


We look at the effects of temporary work a year later along three different dimensions: employment and earnings outcomes, job quality and welfare receipt. The first set--work-related outcomes--are the likelihood of employment, earnings levels if the individual gets a job, and the hours of work at that job. The second set--job quality--is measured by whether the worker has private health insurance or, more specific to job quality, employer-provided health insurance. Finally, we examine the effect on the worker's welfare receipt and poverty status a year later.

The clearest result(57) that comes out of an analysis of job outcomes is that workers who get temporary jobs fare much better in terms of job and job quality outcomes a year later than do workers who were not employed in the same time period; but they fare slightly worse than those who were employed in nontemporary employment. The effect of temporary work on reducing the likelihood of welfare receipt and poverty is unambiguously positive. Most importantly for this study, these results hold true for both the full sample and for at-risk workers, both in terms of the direction and the order of magnitude of the effects.