The Long Term Impact of Adolescent Risky Behaviors and Family Environment. Endnotes


13.  The one exception is the measure of age when first held a job for at least two years. The fact that this age is higher for those with some college most likely reflects the fact that these individuals were in school longer and began their transition to a steady job later.

14.  This does not include pre-marital births which occurred before second or later marriages, nor does it include other non-marital births.

15.  In earlier estimations we included several other variables. However, their inclusion did not change the results so we settled on a more parsimonious specification to aid interpretability.

16.  Not statistically significant.

17.  Alternatively, the result may merely reflect the timing of our measurement. If bad economic outcomes dissipate over time, then the measured impact for late initiators would have had less time to diminish.

18.  Those who initiated sex later may also have married later, leaving less time in which to have gotten divorced.

19.  Since we measure marriage at age 33, we are not able to replicate the finding in the literature that ACOAs are likely to marry early.