Long-Term Care Awareness and Planning: What Do Americans Want?. Conclusions


  • Understanding of LTSS system is low, especially Medicaid; knowledge of LTC insurance basics is better
  • Multiple concerns about becoming disabled, chief being losing independence
  • People willing to use some services, but prefer free informal care to services that cost money
  • Many people do not have firm opinions on how LTC should be financed, but most people think LTC is an individual, rather than government, responsibility
  • People favor voluntary initiatives and support policies that promote private LTC insurance, although they also support voluntary public insurance
  • Little support for mandatory public LTC insurance
  • The most important LTC insurance features to consumers are plan cost, benefit period, and daily/monthly benefit amounts
  • Deductible period, medical underwriting, and whether the insurer is private or government are less important
  • With $50-100 per month of additional benefits or subsidy people would be indifferent regarding a mandatory public plan compared with a voluntary private insurance plan

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