Literature Review: Developing a Conceptual Framework to Assess the Sustainability of Community Coalitions Post-Federal Funding. 4. Sustainability of the Community Coalition


Based on the success of their sustainability actions, an intermediate outcome is the sustainability of the community coalition. The community coalition may or may not have been sustained after initial federal funding ended. The sustainability of the community coalition means that there is an alliance of three or more organizations that is addressing one or more of the original goals of the coalition. The alliance does not need to include the same membership organizations that were part of the coalition when it was initially federally funded. Of the coalitions that have been sustained, some may only be partially sustained. The coalition is partially sustained if it is not addressing all of its original goals. The community coalition is not sustained if the coalition has dissolved (i.e., lack of an alliance of three or more organizations) or disbanded (i.e., alliance of three or more organizations disbanded because the coalition is no longer needed in the community).  Additionally, coalitions are “not sustained” if they have an alliance of three or more organizations, but are not addressing the original goals of the coalition.

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