Literature Review: Developing a Conceptual Framework to Assess the Sustainability of Community Coalitions Post-Federal Funding. 3. Sustainability Actions


Sustainability actions are those activities that the coalition undertakes to plan for the future of the coalition and its activities. Sustainability actions may begin during the coalition development phase to ensure as seamless a transition as possible to new funding mechanisms. For example, coalitions attempt to identify and implement certain activities to sustain themselves, such as locating new homes for programs/services; identifying new funding streams from foundations or other organizations; and securing additional resources from their memberships. Coalitions may also choose to restructure their membership or modify processes for collaboration (e.g., meet less often or in a smaller core group). Sustainability actions can include working to identify ways to maintain the impacts of coalition activities—ranging from changes in individual behavior, community-level systems, and policies. A coalition’s sustainability actions may not necessarily involve developing a formal sustainability plan, but can include determining key priorities, and identifying the most effective activities to be sustained and strategies for sustaining them.

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