Literature Review and Environmental Scan: Evaluation of Personal Health Records Pilots for Fee-for-Service Medicare Enrollees. Appendix D. Sample Discussion Guide


Organization: Lead Project Manager, Clinical Quality and Content

Kaiser Permanente and HealthConnect

Expertise: Usability/Standards


  1. How long have you been working with Kaiser? How have you been involved with Kaiser’s HealthConnect Online? When was its PHR unrolled?
  1. Do enrollees need to sign up for a PHR or are then automatically signed up?
  1. How many members are currently using the PHR?
    1. How many members are currently using KP HealthConnect Online?
    2. Are the aged and/or disabled members using KP HealthConnect Online?

  2. What functions do enrollees use most? Which are most helpful? Which do they like best/ least? Are there functions they aren’t using? How does this differ for the aged and disabled?
  1. Have there been any changes made to the PHR since it was introduced?
  1. Was there any initial usability testing done of the PHR? When? How?
  1. Do you receive feedback on problems enrollees have using the PHR?
    1. How do you get this feedback?
    2. Do the aged have any particular problems?
  1. What have enrollees found to be the biggest benefit of PHRs? (Does it save them time and effort? Improve their relationship with their physician? Allow them to better monitor their medical conditions?)


  1. What would you say are the key standards that are relevant for PHR development?

  2. Are there any gaps in the current PHR standards development activities?

  3. Privacy and security
    1. Can you discuss how consumer privacy and security issues will be addressed as these seem to be a major impediment to PHR adoption and use?
  1. With regards to PHR-EHR interoperability what are the key standards that need to be considered?
  1. Are the current SDOs (Standards Development Organizations) the right organizations to be overseeing PHR standards development?

Patient-Provider Interactions

  1. How have physicians responded to KP HealthConnect Online?
    1. Are all of Kaiser’s providers required to use Health Connect Online?
    2. Have providers experienced changes in work flow?
    3. How have provider attitudes changed over time?
  1. How has KP HealthConnect Online affected patient-provider communication and interaction?
    1. Are members asking providers more questions as a result of their experiences with the PHR?
    2. Do you think that KP Health Connect Online has helped patients to become more involved in their own health care?
    3. Have providers experienced a decline in appointments as a result of the PHR?
    4. What concerns or issues do physicians have with the PHR?

Other resources that we may consult

Are there any products, papers, other resources related to PHRs that you think are particularly useful?

Is there anyone else you recommend that we contact?

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