Literature Review and Environmental Scan: Evaluation of Personal Health Records Pilots for Fee-for-Service Medicare Enrollees. The Qssi Role in the CMS Phr Pilot Demonstration


QSSI is working with three key vendors and other partners to implement MyPHRSC. Specifically, QSSI has obtained its PHR product from a vendor called HealthTrio. Palmetto GBA is facilitating access to and importing of CMS claims data into the PHR, and IBM is performing general consulting in an advisory capacity related to PHRs. MyPHRSC is designed with three central components: data (which include records of patients’ visits, surgeries and procedures, and medications); tools (which help patients to plan for their health needs and capture important measurements); and security features (which include functions that allow the user to assign permission to access the PHR).

Visitors to the HealthTrio PHR web-based homepage are informed that the PHR is designed to help them gather their medical information in a single location, so that they and others to whom they grant access (e.g. family members or providers) can monitor health-related activities and events, or review and update information as necessary. Instructions guide consumers through the process of filling out a questionnaire about their health; exploring a care plan for their health; adding to their own health record; assigning permissions for others to view the PHR; and subscribing to receive education information about certain health topics.

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