List of Subjects in 45 CFR. §162.1202 Standards for eligibility for a health plan.


The Secretary adopts the following standards for the eligibility for a health plan transaction:

(a) Retail pharmacy drugs. The NCPDP Telecommunication Standard Implementation Guide, Version 5 Release 1, September 1999, and equivalent NCPDP Batch Standard Batch Implementation Guide, Version 1 Release 0, February 1, 1996. The implementation specifications are available at the addresses specified in §162.920(a)(2).

(b) Dental, professional, and institutional. The ASC X12N 270/271- Health Care Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response, Version 4010, May 2000, Washington Publishing Company, 004010X092. The implementation specification is available at the addresses specified in §162.920(a)(1).