Issues in Developing Programs for Uninsured Children: A Resource Book for States. V. Coordination and Linkages of Services and Programs


To increase the capacity of children's health insurance programs, the nine states have developed strategies to coordinate services with other health programs in the state.These linkages involve efforts to coordinate enrollment, outreach, computer networks, administration, referral, the care of children with special health care needs, and efforts to provide continuous eligibility to children in families with fluctuating income.

This section addresses the following topics:

  • referring eligibles to Medicaid; coordinating electronic and administrative structures between programs;
  • referring individuals to Medicaid or other programs for inpatient care or other benefits not provided by separate state programs;
  • coordinating with Medicaid eligibility status of children in families with fluctuating incomes;
  • coordinating state programs for insured adults and children;
  • utilizing the same provider network for various state programs;
  • coordinating care for children with special health care needs with the State Maternal and Child Health Bureaus;
  • establishing joint outreach efforts to identify potential enrollees; and
  • coordinating efforts with other programs to enroll children in children's health insurance programs.