Issues in Developing Programs for Uninsured Children: A Resource Book for States. E. Coordination of Adult and Child Services


Washington State has worked to integrate its program for uninsured adults and children as much as possible in order to provide a simple method for families to obtain insurance. The state-supported program for adults, the Basic Health Plan, provides insurance coverage to adults up to 200% of poverty. This program enrolled children and adults until the advent of the Basic Health Plus program, a Medicaid expansion for children up to 200% of poverty. In order to prevent confusion within families qualifying for assistance, income eligibility was set at the same level for both programs. To simplify the effort further, there is a single enrollment form for both programs. In addition, there has been a tremendous effort focused upon synchronizing provider networks between the two programs. This year marked a significant event, when the two agencies administering the two programs sent out a joint RFP soliciting health plans to contract with the programs. There have also been consistent efforts to integrate the programs' computer systems.