Issues in Developing Programs for Uninsured Children: A Resource Book for States. D. Structure of the Resource Book


This resource book is specifically focused on six issue areas. As many children's health insurance programs have been in existence for only a short period of time, a number of these issues have only recently been identified and have not yet been fully evaluated. In general, there is little data to reflect best practices and overall efficacy of programs.

This resource book has been organized into issue areas related to the design and structure of children's health insurance programs. There may be some overlap across selected areas discussed in this resource book as some of the issues and state activities are closely related. Each chapter provides the following: an overview of the issue; a brief description of the approach the study states has taken within their program; and tables that exemplify or summarize the efforts of each state program.

  • Section I discusses issues related to eligibility and recertification; Section II outlines the enrollment processes for each of the nine states; Section III focuses on the outreach and marketing efforts of the state programs; Section IV provides a description of issues related to the provider networks employed by state programs; Section V describes the role and collection of premiums and copayments; Section VI explains the coordination of children's health insurance programs with other programs and services;
  • Appendix A provides an overview of the nine state children's health insurance programs;
  • Appendix B lists the nine state programs, their administrators, and contact names and addresses; and
  • Appendix C includes outreach and marketing materials and enrollment forms from the selected states.