Issues in Developing Programs for Uninsured Children: A Resource Book for States. 5. Mass Marketing versus Local Marketing


Though most of the states rely on mass marketing techniques to educate the public about their programs, Colorado, Tennessee and Washington target individuals at the local level to promote the program.

  • In Colorado, five CCHP staff members work very closely with communities and conduct local outreach training. The state staff also created a database of county public and social service agencies that work with low-income families with children. The database helps state outreach workers coordinate efforts with local groups.
  • Tennessee state officials conducted outreach meetings in all ninety-five counties, where they presented a video on TennCare that explained the program’s purpose and eligibility qualifications. Applications were distributed after the presentation. TennCare also employs this approach to outreach in town meetings, churches, and other community events. TennCare also uses local health departments as enrollment sites to engender community support.
  • The Washington Basic Health Plus program targets individuals at the local level by training staff at community organizations and clinics about the program and enrollment procedures.