Issues in Developing Programs for Uninsured Children: A Resource Book for States. 4. Impact of Geographic Differences on Marketing Efforts


Colorado’s Child Health Plan found that individuals from diverse geographic regions reacted differently to varied marketing strategies. When the Child Health Plan initially marketed the program within the Northeast region of the state, it was presented as a private insurance plan with a cost of $25 per year. The hope was that by making the state program comparable to private insurance, it would prevent individuals from linking the program with welfare. However, the effort was unsuccessful in enrolling children within this region of the state because residents were not trusting of the program. In the Western region of the state, however, county resource centers, public health departments, schools, and other community groups were supportive of the program. These Western counties created a system in which those individuals rejected from Medicaid would receive an application for the Colorado Child Health Plan. This coordinated strategy was very effective in Colorado.