Issues in Developing Programs for Uninsured Children: A Resource Book for States. 2. Use of Contractors


In contrast to Florida and Washington, Massachusetts and New York have employed contractors to market their programs.

  • The Massachusetts’ Children’s Medical Security Plan is redesigning promotional materials with John Hancock Insurance Company to include program eligibility changes. An informational flyer will be used to specifically target teens and their families.
  • In New York, outreach and marketing materials are prepared by three different sources: Child Health Plus staff, contracted insurance plans, and marketing contractors. Specific state staff act as liaisons to the marketing departments of the contracted plans and marketing contractors. Two groups were contracted: one designated specifically for New York City; and the other the rest of the state. Both engaged in major activities including targeting schools and health centers, producing large volumes of mailings, and organizing meetings and presentations to over 16,000 individuals. Any materials developed outside of Child Health Plus must be submitted and approved by the state office. There are also specific clauses in contracts with plans and contractors to prohibit them from using fraudulent marketing and enrollment activities.
  • In the Pennsylvania CHIP program, The State Department of Insurance is not involved in marketing. In contrast to other programs, contracted providers are required to produce and distribute their own outreach and marketing materials.
  • TennCare’s managed care organizations conduct their own marketing. Marketing guidelines are provided to the contracted managed care organizations in addition to the marketing rules specified in their contracts with TennCare. TennCare reserves the right to approve all marketing materials before distribution.

Table 16: Coordination with Partners

  Schools Child Care Centers Health Dept. Providers Local Partners State Partners Other
California x x   x Child Care Councils; Boys and Girls Club; Big Brothers/ Big Sisters; Healthy Start Child Health, Disability, and Prevention Program (CHDP); Head Start; AIM  
Colorado* x   x   County resource centers WIC; prenatal and nutrition programs; Colorado Indigent Care Program; HCP (children with special health care needs);  
Florida x x x x      
Massachusetts x     x Family planning clinics; community leaders; area hospitals, nurses; Healthy Start School Health Unit in State Dept. of Public Health; immunization programs; substance abuse programs; Maternal and Child Health Dept., WIC, Medicaid John Hancock


Minnesota x   x x County resource centers, local media, ethnic outreach organizations, city help centers, migrant services, neighborhood health care networks, children’s home care organizations.   $1.5 million in grants over the biennium to groups interested in developing outreach efforts in their communities
New York           State Dept. of Social Services; Medicaid; Welfare; WIC; Prenatal Care Assistance Program (PCAP) Marketing contractors


Pennsylvania           Department of Health; Medicaid; Contracting HMO’s do their own marketing
Tennessee     x     WIC; other state officials Contracting MCO’s do their own marketing; TennCare Consumer Advocacy Group; Tennessee Medical Association; Pediatric Associations
Washington         5 Staff from BHP went into the community WIC Health service alliance contractor; insurance agents and brokers earn commissions by selling Basic Health.

*Because Colorado Children's Basic Health Plan has not yet been implemented, outreach and marketing information comes from the state-sponsored Colorado Child Health Plan's experience (CCHP). The current CCHP will roll into the new Children's Basic Health Plan.