Issues in Developing Programs for Uninsured Children: A Resource Book for States. 1. In-House Marketing Efforts


The majority of the states interviewed prepare outreach and marketing materials in-house. Florida and Washington have staff who are responsible for marketing and outreach in addition to other program responsibilities. Other programs have staffs who do not have outreach or marketing as part of their job title, yet are responsible for conducting these activities as part of their general responsibilities.

  • Of the 13 people employed by Florida Healthy Kids, one employee is solely dedicated to outreach and marketing functions. Another individual is responsible for assisting with outreach, and is also responsible for the preparation of enrollment forms.
  • Initially, Washington Basic Health Plus designated specific staff members to be "outreach workers." However, Washington no longer actively recruits individuals into their program and does not require staff to perform marketing, communication, and outreach duties in addition to their other responsibilities. In order to enroll, families must contact the Washington Health Care Authority.