Iowa's Limited Benefit Plan. A. Sampling Frame


The sampling frame for the LBP Survey consisted of individuals in active welfare cases in three PROMISE JOBS service delivery areas (SDAs) in central and eastern Iowa who, in November or December of 1995, or in January of 1996, entered month seven of their initial assignment to the LBP. These SDAs were selected to minimize the cost of field interviews, which ISED coordinated out of its Iowa City headquarters office in eastern Iowa. They accounted for 54 percent of all individuals statewide who entered month seven of the LBP during the sampling period.(1)

Two exclusionary criteria were applied to the sampling frame on the basis of administrative data. First, individuals in cases that did not receive cash assistance in LBP month six or that did receive cash assistance in month seven were excluded from the final sample. This resulted in a survey sample that included only individuals in cases that received cash assistance in LBP month six but not in month seven. Second, when two or more individuals from the same case were present in the sampling frame, only the case-name person was selected into the sample. All 172 individuals in the sampling frame who satisfied these two criteria were selected into the survey sample.