Iowa's Limited Benefit Plan. G. Support from Community Organizations


LBP Survey respondents were asked about support they received from four types of community organizations after the termination of FIP benefits: food banks, emergency shelters, crisis centers, and soup kitchens. Table V.13 displays the percentage of respondents that had sought assistance from each of these after their cash benefits were terminated.(5) Food banks were by far the most important of these community organizations as a source of assistance for survey respondents in the period following the termination of cash benefits. Approximately one quarter of respondents relied on a food bank in this period. Less than 4 percent of respondents relied on an emergency shelter. Even fewer relied on a crisis center or a soup kitchen. About 70 percent of LBP cases did not rely on any of these four types of community assistance during the period of no cash benefits.

Table V.12
Table V.13